Q: Who are you?
A: This is May, a 90's born ordinary girl who is not very capable in using many brain cells at the same time.


I am the founder of BAB.

Q: Why setting up BAB?
A: There was a period of time that I was working like most urbanites.

Checking in the same place everyday while wasn't quite sure what I was doing.

One day I just wanna distract myself a bit by doing some different things, like baking.

Thats the first click.

The second click was seeing the faces on my family, my friends and my beloved after tasting/trying my youtube learnt simple bakery.

I could never forget those surprised and happy faces and thats how BAB was born.

Q: Why is it called Bakeabreak?
A: Take a break! I took my break by baking and thats it.

Q: Where did you learn your bakery skills?
A: At the very beginning, youtube!

But obviously thats not quite enough.

So after some time I apprenticed in some local bakery workshops for formal training.

Q: What would be the main difference between BAB and other bakery workshops out there?
A: You know there are numerous bakery choices online or offline these days and honestly I didnt and couldnt try them all.

I wouldnt say BAB's products are the best but we create every single piece with our best effort.

We only use the best quality ingredients and often ignore the cost and margin, alright I have to admit my maths is not really that good.

If there is an ingredient out there which is unable to meet with our expectations by sourcing it, then we would make our own version specifically for our products.

For instant we make our own peanut butter and fruit jam that are used in our products.

I know many people are doing similar things out there so it is not really that special, but at least we are taking our every single step with conscience weighed heaviest.

Q: How's the business?
A: Just don't ask please hahahaha...There must be ups and downs when running a business.

Many people came and gave me tips or advices, usually they were about how to maximise profit, or how to lower the cost and etc.

But honestly at the end of the day, the most rewarding thing to me is the satisfied faces and omg when peoples are enjoying our products.

As long as I can still see those faces, I would keep doing in my way.

Q: Anything else you want to say?
A: I hope people could give us feedback, No matter good or bad, more after trying our bakery products.

We treasure every single one coz this would definitely power our improvement.